The Most Robust Search Options Available on the Market

Choose from full EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) Integration, standard website and/or catalog searches and Stacks Bento search with combined local (website content), catalog and electronic resource results from a plethora of providers simultaneously.


Full Discovery API Search

The first search format is full EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) API search. This format means EDS results are seamless embedded within the Stacks website. In this case, a more consistent experience is provided, particularly if catalog/OPAC items are included in the Discovery profile. This search format will return results directly within the Stacks website, keeping your users in one consistent interface. The results displayed are provided via the EDS API and embody the EDS facet and ranking logic. Stacks augments the EDS search results with a variety of subscription content that libraries often have accounts for such as reviews from ChiliFresh or Baker & Taylor and recommendations from NoveList Select.

Stacks also brings in Integrated Library System (ILS) item details such as locations, call numbers, status, etc. all in real time using the ILS API (when ILS integration is included). A patron may then place a hold via the ILS right within the search results without having to visit the OPAC. If the user is trying to access an EBSCO Full Text resource from these search results, a direct link to the content will be provided to the user. For the ultimate search experience, EDS can index your ILS holdings and full text database content as well as EBSCO eBooks all within one Discovery platform.


Stacks Bento Search

This search format has the ability to search multiple APIs and the website simultaneously and group the results according to your preference. If the Stacks Bento search configuration is applied in Stacks, a patron can search EDS, the OPAC (when a full ILS integration is possible) and the Stacks website simultaneously. Stacks can also provide custom integration services for Internal Repositories or other third party sources for a fee.

The Stacks Bento Search format allows the library to customize search results in blocks of content that can be easily rearranged. There are several result groups available from each source. For example, the library may choose to display everything from EDS, books from the catalog and news and events items specifically from the website. The library can configure how many of each result type are presented in the results view and drag-and-drop those blocks into any layout they choose. In this case, each block has a "read more" label that will take the patron to either the EDS Integrated search results page as noted above, or out to the OPAC/catalog interface for more results. Same authentication rules apply. This capability is available without the ILS Integration option. With EDS integrated, customized boxes of search results can be created based on content type, source provider and subject. Click here to learn more.


External Catalog Search

External Catalog Search means Stacks carries the search term through to the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) interface. 


Website Search

This format searches all website content. Stacks can also apply weighting rules to types of website content during implementation upon request.

Any combination of the above search methods may be configured with custom labels and the default search type set, along with pre-search filters for some sources.