The platform is the first complete Content Management System (CMS) built specifically for libraries.


Customizable Themes

A rich portfolio of responsive design techniques has equipped Stacks to make the library website design an updating process easy. With Stacks, you can choose a theme from a myriad of choices and then customize that theme with dozens of settings to make it your own.

You can change your site’s look and feel in seconds without having to adjust your content. From professionally selected color palettes to granular configurations, it’s never been easier to create a look and feel that is on brand and meets today’s mobile users’ high expectations. New themes are added quarterly to ensure new and fresh aesthetics are always available to you at no extra cost.

Drag and Drop Layouts

To improve flexibility, Stacks offers Drag-and-Drop layouts for your home and landing pages. This makes moving and adjusting elements of your website quick and easy and ensures perfect performance on every device.


Libraries are often complex structures and Stacks is designed to meet those complex requirements. Based on a decade of building platforms and servicing complex library consortium, Stacks enables libraries to create many websites within one CMS.  

Libraries may share files and publish content to a single site, a select site or all of the sites within Stacks. This empowers even the smallest library to have a professional website and keep their local information up to date.

Detailed User Roles

Stacks provides a library-specific role structure designed to support all levels of staff. From volunteers and interns to senior administrators, intricate moderation rules such as requiring proofing and approval before publishing with email notifications, ensures safe and responsible workflows within your organization. These roles can be further refined by individual libraries post implementation as necessary. Default roles include:

  • Administrator
  • Moderator
  • Editor
  • Contributor
  • Patron

Multi-Language Support

Stacks utilizes Google technology to make content available in over 100 languages. By default, you will see English, Spanish and French with additional languages enabled by request. All of your content, including search results from integrated catalogs can be translated on-the-fly, with the click of a mouse, by any visitor.

Social Media Integration

Now you can easily add all your favorite social media accounts to the footer of your website and share content throughout your site like search results, events and news items. Stacks adds the share feature to all elements by default and supports Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and more.


Stacks is WCAG 2.0 Level A compliant, exceeding accessibility guidelines and supporting several features that are part of the WCAG Level AA compliance by improving page orientation and navigation in all available themes. Stacks also supports over 100 languages using Google Translate technology.

Notable features include:

  • Introductory text and shortcuts for screen reader patrons
  • Elimination of most tables to improve searching with screen readers or keyboard controls
  • Help text and compliance reminders for content creators
  • Descriptive page titles, section header tags and selected link labels
  • Streamlined code for simpler page structures
  • Detailed alternative text image descriptions
  • Decreased page size and list pagination for shorter download times for all patrons
  • Implementation of WAI ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) coding standards from W3C consortia that work in conjunction with HTML5’s built in accessibility features
  • Font zoom in header


Stacks supports all modern browsers and devices and is constantly updating to ensure you website is ready to be seen on all of the latest programs. This includes:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • IE10+
  • Android 4.1+
  • iOS9+


Stacks is fully responsive for phones, tablets, computers, television screens and more. This means no more worrying if your website will look its best on all of the latest devices.