The dashboard is a customizable, card-style workspace giving you quick access to user-specific product features.


Resource Flows

Create scrollable, visual lists, of resources that can be managed manually or pulled automatically from the ILS and/or other convenient locations.


Create and manage pages that display content, support rich media and attachments and support site features.

Easy Forms

Quickly and easily build custom forms, polls and surveys, collect responses and analyze the results all within the Stacks platform.

Social Media

Manage links to your library's social media platforms including Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram YouTube and more.


Highlight library resources, programs, and more by creating blocks of content with or without images that can include descriptions and internal or external links.


Manage integrations between Stacks and third-party software tools like ILS systems, cover art providers, review providers, event management systems and more.

Research Guides

Create and manage brilliant responsive guides and tutorials with rich multi-media support and full WYSIWYGs.

Events Management

Manage all your events, program listings, room bookings and associated registrations quickly and easily. Stacks events management supports:

  • Pulling content from Google or Evanced Calendars
  • Creating recurring events with dynamic rules
  • Customizable taxonomies and faceted search and browse
  • Email and on-screen confirmation
  • Management of event registrations with an easy-to-use interface
  • Scheduling publish, display, and expiration dates
  • Calendar and list views
  • Patron registration with limits
  • Room bookings

Location and Hours

Set the location and hours for one or many locations with Google Places integration, details and interactive maps (optional).

Directory Listings

Automatically generate searchable directories of people, places or things.

Database Listings

Create an online index of external databases that sort and become searchable by users alphabetically or by category.

News Articles

Create news articles to inform your patrons of events, programs and other important happenings in your library community.


Display a large promotional-style banner or a series of images with links in a slim horizontal carousel to showcase content and improve information architecture.


Customize menus and manage their content as quickly and easily as drag, drop and save.


Create and manage reserve materials and assign them to a specific program, course, term or instructor.


Customize and manage controlled vocabularies used throughout the site to facet and filter content.


For more information, contact your EBSCO representative.