March 2018 - Volume 2, Issue 2

New Feature - Theme Style Editor 

Introducing a new way to manage the look and feel of your website. The new Themes Style Editor lets you control colors specific to areas of your website. Looking to preview that new aesthetic change you made? Easy. The 'preview' option gives you a sneak peek into any changes you made before going live. 

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New Feature - Custom Footer Content 

You can now add custom content to your website's footer with Stacks. From text to images to an embedded video, adding content to your footer has never been easier. This enhancement can be found in the Footer feature tile and provides a full array of tools for you to build custom footer content.

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Stacks Training Program 2.0 Released

The Stacks Training Program is a comprehensive course that walks new customers through the process of website creation with Stacks from project planning and information architecture to technical training and design. The program combines self-paced instruction modules and live training. New customers will go through the self-paced exercises in each module and once complete, will meet with a trainer for a hands-on review of the content.

Check out the new Stacks Training Program here. 

New! Stacks Resources

Looking for help with the Visual Design aspects of your site? Want to learn more about writing for the web?

Check out the NEW Stacks Resources section on the training site for tips, tricks and more!


Stacks Inc. is a proud Development Partner and member of the FOLIO Community, contributing the first version of FOLIO Acquisitions. Our team has a portfolio in the area of acquisitions and remains committed to empowering the Librarian with a quality user experience.

Our work on the FOLIO platform is really taking shape. This month our team connected with librarians and developers from around the world in Madrid, Spain. To work side by side and collect feedback on our Acquisitions modules. The team was also asked to demonstrate some of the modules we’ve created to the FOLIO Product Council and larger FOLIO community on March 7th. Click here for details.

The positive reactions to the hard work we’ve been doing is a wonderful indicator that we are making great progress. Listening to our customers in order to improve our products remains a key part of our development process.

Learn more about the project and join the community at


Tips & Tricks - Image Hosting & Galleries

Looking to learn more about how to better host images you use in Stacks? Take a look at this tips & tricks sheet to explore how you can improve how you host the images you use on your Stacks powered website. 

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Tips & Tricks - Image Dimensions

Wondering what dimensions best suite certain Stacks tools or content elements? Learn more about dimensions to improve how you use images, videos and other content in your Stacks powered website. 

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Stacks is proud to feature this site that went live:

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