July 2017 - Volume 1, Issue 7

New Feature - Research Starters

Research Starters provide quick summaries of EBSCO Discovery Service' most popular topics. Research Starters can be enabled from Search Configuration and will be included in your EDS API search results, whenever available. If a Research Starter is available, it will always appear as the first search result in the list.

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Feature Enhancement - Sliders

Slider visibility options now allow you to edit the details of your Slider including when the slider will be published and expire. These tools can be helpful when publishing content such as monthly or yearly events and more. 

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Stacks Mobile Webinar - Understanding the Mobile Patron

Stacks' Chief Design Officer, Kevin Horek, presented on how the mobile device has evolved from a tool for texting and talking into an integral part of users' daily lives. This webinar looks at how to understand and satisfy mobile users. 

The webinar can be watched here.  

Video of the Month - Site Configuration

Looking to learn how to configure site-specific details? This video explores how to configure site name, slogan, and more. 


Stacks is proud to feature this Stacks powered website this month:

Version Notes

Version 2.1.4 Released

  • Visibility options for individual images in a slider and the ability to choose which days the image will appear in the slider
  • Exact Match and Research Starter - toggle on/off for EDS API Search and add to Bento Search functionality
  • Interactive map enhancements
  • Locations can be “Sticky at top of list” so they will appear first and in alphabetical order in the locations tab
  • Type and Topic filters for News Articles as well as “Sticky at top of list” functionality
  • Ability to import a list of LibGuides A-Z database listings automatically into Stacks Database Listings
  • RSS Feed Enhancements:
    • Ability to Import Standard RSS Feeds and EBSCO Alert Feeds
    • Add RSS blocks to Bento Search, manage RSS Meta Tags
    • Group Feeds and/or Meta Tags to create Blocks and Bento Search boxes
  • Book Jackets now available in ILS Bento Search boxes
  • Performance enhancements
  • Minor fixes