June 2017 - Volume 1, Issue 6

Website Makeover Contest Winner - O'Fallon Public Library

Congratulations O'Fallon Public Library! The thrill of winning the Stacks website makeover contest was just the beginning.

Live at ALA Annual 2017, learn about the challenges the library faced with their old website, how they were addressed with the implementation of the Stacks platform and watch the reveal of O’Fallon’s new library website. 

Date and Time of Reveal and Presentation: June 25 at 2:30pm CST

Location: Booth #4411

Stacks will be at ALA Annual 2017!

Stacks will be at ALA in Chicago. Come visit us throughout the conference at the EBSCO booth #4411. We will also be hosting a live presentation.

ALA Live Demo
Seamless & Integrated - Creating the Unified User Experience

Description: Have you thought about how to provide your patrons with a seamless and integrated user experience? Do you want to learn how to make your content discoverable by Google? This session will look at the concept of bringing the Discovery experience to your library website by bringing library collections and local content and services together.

Speaker: Kristin Delwo, President & CEO, Stacks Inc.

Date and Time: June 25 at 10:00am CST

Location: Booth #4411

Stacks Mobile Webinar - Understanding the Mobile Patron

Stacks' Chief Design Officer, Kevin Horek, presented on how the mobile device has evolved from a tool for texting and talking into an integral part of users' daily lives. This webinar looks at how to understand and satisfy mobile users. 

The webinar can be watched here.  

Video of the Month - Stacks Search

Looking to learn more about Stacks Search? This video explores search formats that can be integrated to provide users with the best search experience available. 


Stacks is proud to feature these Stacks powered websites this month: