Your Content, Your Language
Often websites redirect users to the homepage when they switch languages. This can be confusing when users have to find the page again. With Stacks Multi-Language, keep your users happy, by presenting them with the same (translated) page when they switch languages. Create content in English, create a mirror version in another language, and allow user to toggle between the two. With over 100 languages available, creating an excellent user experience is easier than ever.


Machine Translation via Google Translate
Stacks integrates seamlessly with Google Translate to make content available in more than 100 languages. All content, including search results from integrated catalogs are translated on-the-fly, with the click of a mouse, by any visitor.


Single Domain - Manual Translation
Manually create content in multiple languages across your website(s) and allow your users to toggle between languages.


Multi-Domain - Manual Translation
With Stacks Multi-Domain you can create multiple domains / websites each in their own language.