With Stacks Multi-Domain you can create multiple domain websites under a single dashboard. Manage your websites from a central location, with robust management and publishing options.

Benefits Include:

  • Manage Content Effectively
    Publish content to one, some or all of the domains that are associated with your Stacks site.
  • Ensure Content is Consistent 
    Eliminate unnecessary steps when managing centrally controlled content and ensure your content is consistent across your websites.
  • Affordable 
    Stacks provides a cost effective solution for consortia by providing professional industry-leading websites that are affordable and sustainable.
  • Focus on Creating a Great User Experience
    Rest assured knowing that content will take on the look and feel of the destination site, even when published across multiple sites.
  • Local Content 
    Maintain a central administration while delegating work and allowing local administrators to manage their domain and content independently.
  • Create Community
    Share content across your sites and ensure it is available to, and consistent for, your consortia.
  • Granular User Roles
    Stacks provides a library-specific hierarchical role structure designed to support all levels of staff. Intricate moderation rules to help ensure safe and responsible workflows within your organization.