Features Available Out-of-the-Box Helping You Create An Excellent User Experience

Multi-Language (new)

Break the language barrier with the Stacks Multi-Language feature. Manually create content across one or many websites in multiple languages and allow your users to select their preferred language. With over 100 languages available, Stacks ensures your users you will be able to offer curated content in the language your users need.

Your Content, Your Language
Often websites redirect users to the homepage when they switch languages. This can be confusing when users have to find the page again. With Stacks Multi-Language, keep your users happy, by presenting them with the same (translated) page when they switch languages. Create content in English, create a mirror version in another language, and allow user to toggle between the two. With over 100 languages available, creating an excellent user experience is easier than ever.

Machine Translation via Google Translate
Stacks integrates seamlessly with Google Translate to make content available in more than 100 languages. All content, including search results from integrated catalogs are translated on-the-fly, with the click of a mouse, by any visitor.


Single Domain - Manual Translation
Manually create content in multiple languages across your website(s) and allow your users to toggle between languages. Multi-Domain - Manual Translation With Stacks Multi-Domain you can create multiple domains / websites each in their own language.


Create blocks of content with or without images that can include descriptions and links to other areas of the site or even other sites. Create calls to action to highlight key resources available to users:

  • Supports images, title, description, links

  • Navigation best practices used

Database Listings

Create an online index of external databases that sort and become searchable by users alphabetically or by category. Supports all database providers as well as:

  • Customizable categories

  • Quick features

  • Filter, sort, or search listings

  • Tailored aggregate view with facets and filters

Directory Listings

Automatically generate searchable directories of people, places or things. Designed to organize people, places and/or things:

  • Supports rich media embed with full WYSIWYG

  • Tailored aggregate view with facets and filters

Events Management

Manage all your events, program listings, room bookings and associated registrations quickly and easily. Navigating upcoming events is as easy for your patrons as it is for you to manage them. Leverage built in roles and permissions to accommodate collaboration.

Create repeating events to save time, specify publication dates to control when users can view events and their details, manage registrations by setting limits and tracking attendance, then generate reports on attendance all from the Stacks Dashboard.

  • Create recurring events with exceptions

  • Manage controlled vocabularies to filter and manage events

  • Accept online and in-app event registrations with limits

  • Schedule publish and expiration dates

Easy Forms

Need to collect feedback? Looking to provide an easy way for patrons to connect with your library? Stacks has you covered. Quickly and easily build custom forms, polls and surveys, collect responses and analyze the results all from within the platform.

The Easy Forms feature can be used to build forms, collect and analyze responses for things like Contact Us, Suggest a Title for Purchase, feedback surveys and more. The Stacks Easy Forms tool makes it easy to drag in the fields you need, edit them as necessary and start collecting responses. Robust reporting also helps you to aggregate and analyze results.

Filter Vocabularies

Customize and manage controlled vocabularies used throughout the site to facet and filter content.

Landing Pages

Create customized Drag & Drop landing pages.

  • Supports visual navigation aids including Callouts, Sliders, Resource Flows, Events and more

Link Checker

Quickly locate and repair broken links.


Customize menus and manage their content as quickly and easily as drag, drop and save.

News Articles

Create news articles to inform your patrons of events, programs and other important happenings in the community.


Create and manage pages that display content, support rich media and attachments and support other site features.

Research Guides

Create and manage brilliant responsive guides and tutorials with rich multi-media support and full WYSIWYG editors.

Resource Flows

Create scrollable, visual lists of resources that can be built manually or pulled automatically from the ILS and/or other convenient locations


Create and manage reserve materials and associate them with a specific program, course, term or instructor. Tailored aggregate view with facets and filters.

Resource Flows

Book lists/carousels. Pull from and link to ILS, EDS or Flipster resources.

Room Bookings

Configure room categories and set group defaults, manage controlled vocabularies to filter and manage rooms, accept online and in-app booking without conflicts, manage email templates for automated confirmations, reminders.

Users can book a room for a set period of time and a certain number of people by selecting a time and submitting the details of their booking. Tailor email notifications and reminders and take control of your bookings with the ability to accept or decline requests and never worry about double booking a room again.

  • Configure room categories and set group defaults

  • Manage controlled vocabularies to filter and manage rooms

  • Accept online and in-app booking without conflicts

  • Manage email templates for automated confirmations, reminders, and more


Display a series of images with links in a slim horizontal carousel or a large promotional-style banner to showcase content and improve information architecture.