Here are some common questions about Stacks

Is Stacks fully-hosted with up-time guarantees?

Yes. The Stacks cloud hosting platform leverages redundant, fault tolerant subsystems to guarantee 99.9% uptime.


Can we use our own domain with Stacks?

Yes. Set-up is included as part of the subscription service.


Can our website serve as the main portal to all our library assets?

Yes. Stacks is one platform for a complete experience. With Stacks, you can integrate third-party software and downloadable files as well as display alpha or category-sorted access to all your databases in the same interface users search your catalogs and local content.


Do you need to learn any programs or have advanced technical capabilities to handle day-to-day website upkeep?

No. Stacks looks after the code; you manage the content. Stacks offers a full content management system with drag-and-drop layouts and customizable themes. This allows libraries to create responsive content with easy multi-media support and full WYSIWYG editing capabilities. Day-to-day maintenance, such as event postings, content updates, hours of operation, etc. can be managed by library staff through an easy-to-use dashboard.


Does the service help us create forms or offer other tools for information gathering?

Yes. Stacks’ "Easy Forms" feature allows for the creation of many types of forms, including surveys, polls and custom forms. This feature also provides a robust engine for analyzing responses and creating reports on results. No coding is required.


Does the service support access to library membership accounts?

Yes. The Stacks My Account feature includes all major ILS systems available for integration including Millennium, Polaris, SirsiDynix Symphony & Horizon, iii Sierra,  and Ex Libris (Evergreen coming soon).

My Account features include:

  • Authentication
  • View and renew items out
  • View, place and cancel hold requests
  • View account information, fees and fines
  • Create and manage saved lists


Is Stacks affordable?

Yes. For the first time, you’ll know exactly how much to budget in the coming years to support new and innovative digital features with continuous product upkeep and enhancement for the life of the contract. Stacks is intended to reduce overhead by saving you the investment it takes to educate local developers, define requirements and we’ve even done the user experience research for you. For one affordable annual license fee, we take care of hosting, updates, maintenance and more. In the true spirit of libraries and their community-minded nature, Stacks becomes more powerful and affordable the more libraries collaborate. 


How easy is social media integration with Stacks?

Very Easy. Stacks offers easy integration, allowing you to share and connect via all your favorites including Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and many more.


Are mobile options customizable and as easy to manage as the desktop interface?

Yes. Stacks offers a robust feature set which includes many of the desktop features like events and scan a book to place a hold. The Mobile Add-On carries over look and feel from Stacks responsive websites making transitions seamless.


Does Stacks include training and ongoing support?

Yes. Stacks Implementation includes a half-day training program and robust training and help materials. Additional training may be scheduled as needed, and Stacks offers additional content migration support for libraries that want some help with the heavy lifting.

Three individual Training Sessions will be provided to as many trainees as necessary via Webex, focusing on Administration, Content Editing and Content Best Practices.



Online access to step-by-step Stacks Manual:

24/7 Online Support Desk:

Online Video Tutorials:

Stacks libraries are also supported by EBSCO’s Customer Service, available Monday through Friday, 24 hours a day and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).

Stacks Support Desk by phone: 1-855-5-STACKS (1-855-578-2257)