Our dashboard-driven interface empowers all staff to create brilliant and engaging content with ease. Every feature was built with the administrator in mind including the ability to edit content within the webpage itself. Intuitive interfaces, robust training and support materials, a responsive help desk and quality training ensure your success.

Promote programs and manage registrations in the same place people search, place holds, or access content - all delivered in their preferred language. No individual modules needed - a complete package with seamless, turnkey integrations.

Granular User Roles and Workflow

Stacks provides a library-specific hierarchical role structure which is designed to support all levels of staff. Intricate moderation rules such as requiring proofing and approval before publishing with email notifications, ensures safe and responsible workflows within your organization. These roles can be further refined by individual libraries post implementation as necessary. Default roles include: Administrator, Moderator, Editor, Contributor and Patron.

For more information, contact your EBSCO representative.