How Stacks Stacks Up Against the Competition

User experience research shows that one of the main challenges public library patrons face is knowing where to find resources and knowing what’s available to the library. One of the main challenges facing administrators is how to provide the right resources for patrons that are also easy to find.

Here is how Stacks not only helps users and administrators overcome these challenges but how Stacks sets itself apart from the competition.


1. Unified Discovery Experience
Discovery is the concept of bringing the catalog content from the ILS together with full text and digital content from databases and other subscription services for a unified, responsive, discovery experience. With Stacks, you can even search website content like news and events along with physical and digital collections simultaneously, creating a truly seamless experience. No other web platform vendor provides this functionality. Only three companies do this and two of those companies are ILS vendors, not web platform vendors.


2. Truly Seamless and Integrated Experience
Stacks strives to take this one step further by bringing the Discovery experience into your library website with library collections, local content and services together in one place. Manage events, room bookings, locations, users, content creation and more through a single modern interface.


3. Plug and Play Integrations
All Stacks integrations are plug and play meaning there are no risks or costs associated with custom development. Stacks ensures industry leading maintenance and support when compared to any other unique implementations available. Pull together book jackets, reviews, similar titles, translation and other supported integrated services with the flick of a switch. Our exclusive partnership with EBSCO has empowered Stacks to provide the most refined EBSCO integrations available on the market.


4. Configurable and Responsive Themes
Stacks allows for the complete customization of your library website. Creating a unique user experience is easy with ready to use themes, drag and drop page layouts, and fully customizable blocks with CSS override. The best part, your website is responsive meaning it will look great on any device including phones, tablets and TVs.


5. The Ultimate SSO Experience
OpenAthens rounds out the differentiators by providing the ultimate SSO experience with an easy to use tool. Personalized access to everything including databases, subscription services, resources, catalogs, and Stacks without the need for an external proxy. Stacks makes this all happen with only a single login.