Unlock a personalized dashboard for your users with Stacks My Account. These powerful features provide your users with a snapshot view of all their account details all found from the comfort of your Stacks powered website.

My Account

With an ILS integrated into your Stacks powered website, your users are granted functionality that includes the ability to view items checked out, renew items checked out, view hold requests and the status of their items, cancel holds, view fees and fines, and view reading history. When paired with Stacks tools, users can create and manage saved lists of items, view event registrations as well as room bookings that have been made in Stacks.

Feature Details

  • View items checked out
  • Renew items checked out
  • View hold requests
  • Cancel hold requests
  • View fees and fines
  • View general account information
  • Add items to a saved list

Additional Features Available with ILS Integration

  • Place hold requests on EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) search result details
  • See holdings (location) information on EDS search result details
  • Populate item details when creating Resource Flows with entry of ISBN
  • Place request button for Resource Flows
  • Create a Catalog Bento Box